Unanimous Approval for Assessment of Oakdale’s Grand Canal

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Law will allow for Suffolk County to better assess the need for dredging Oakdale’s Grand Canal.

Oakdale, NY - April 9, 2014 - Suffolk County Legislator Bill Lindsay III’s first piece of legislation was unanimously approved in the late hours of the March 18th general meeting and signed on April 3rd. Introductory Resolution 1197, a law amending the 2014 capital budget and program and appropriating funds in connection with the dredging of county waters, will allow for Suffolk County to better assess the need for dredging Oakdale’s Grand Canal.
The Grand Canal, which was built circa 1920, consists of a series of interconnected canals located on the east side of the Connetquot River in Oakdale. The canal system has a main outside canal with north and south openings to the Connetquot River and a number of inner finger canals that extend into residential areas.
“I am extremely thankful to my colleagues and the residents who advocated to pass this resolution, said Lindsay III. “I understand that this has been a long standing issue in the Oakdale community. Now it’s time to finalize the assessment and take the appropriate action to meet the needs of the residents and improve the ecological well-being of the canal.”
The assessment, which will be completed by Cashin Associates, P.C., will review existing data from the Grand Canal, evaluate the public and ecological health of the canal presently, and report the findings and recommendations to the County. After the assessment is completed the County will have a full analysis on whether it is beneficial to dredge the canal and can move forward accordingly.
Lindsay III stated that he will check in with Cashin Associates as much as possible to inform the public and the surrounding community groups on the progress of the assessment. 
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