Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) Honors Outgoing President Gary Brosnan

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NSWCA honors Outgoing President Gary Brosnan for 2013 Presidential term.

Roslyn, NY - February 25, 2014 - Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) outgoing President Gary Brosnan was honored by newly elected NSWCA President Howard Abbondondelo of Albertson Water District during a recent NSWCA meeting sponsored by Roslyn Water District Commissioners William Costigan, Michael J. Kosinski and Dr. Sanford E. Klein.

Mr. Brosnan received an honorary plaque in recognition of his 2013 term as President of the NSWCA.  During his tenure, Mr. Brosnan was responsible for directing NSWCA’s co-sponsorship of Long Island’s first-ever Groundwater Symposium and supervising the organization’s participation in the New York Water Event and Expo, New York State’s largest conference devoted to drinking water.  He also headed NSWCA’s Educational Seminars Program and helped create a special forum regarding the proposed Long Island Aquifer Commission.

Currently serving as a South Farmingdale Water District Commissioner and Secretary as well as a North Massapequa Fire Department member, Mr. Brosnan will continue to be active in NSWCA.   

NSWCA is comprised of water commissioners from 21 Nassau County and Suffolk County water districts.  The association is dedicated to communication, efficiency and best practices among Long Island’s water districts.  As part of its mission, NSWCA holds monthly educational meetings sponsoring experts on various topics that include law, cost efficiencies, rules and regulations, as well as other issues germane to water utilities. 

For further information, please contact Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association President Mr. Howard Abbondondelo phone at (516) 621-3610 or via email at

Agency Contact Information:  Mr. Jamie Stanco, Progressive Marketing Group, Inc., phone: 631-756-7160, email:

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PHOTO CAPTION: Newly elected Nassau Suffolk Water Commissioners’ Association (NSWCA) President Howard Abbondondelo of Albertson Water District presents outgoing NSWCA President Gary Brosnan of South Farmingdale Water District with an honorary plaque on behalf of the association in recognition of Brosnan’s 2013 term. 

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