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NY’s Tech Scene – Tech Gets Personal

There's an app for that! The 2013 CES showcases the tech scene evolving toward software based applications that make most electronic products obsolete.

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You wake up, and you instantly smell fresh coffee brewing. The sensor that knew you were awake made sure your coffee was ready. You leave the house and the lights automatically shut down and conserve power upon your exit. Your car starts as you walk to it. The sensor told your doctor you needed a consult, so your appointment is coming through on your tablet during your lunch break, and your prescription is filled and ready for you to pick up by the time you leave work.

The newest tech is hyper personalized software that does everything from monitoring health and eating habits and scheduling webcam appointments with your MD, to assisting with everyday activities at home or work.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was notable, more for what is simply vanishing than for what was there. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and is now more focused than ever on software catering to YOU.

Personalized apps for just about everything are making items that used to fill the shelves of Best Buy obsolete. From point and shoot cameras, handheld video cameras and music players, to the basic calculator, task specific electronics are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hundreds of applications are rolled into one small package in smart phones and tablets.

Tech is now squarely focusing on software. What used to be a futuristic vision is quickly becoming reality with health and wellness tech, smart homes and self-driving cars featured as the soon-to-be must haves.

Our devices are connected to the internet, which is no longer a novelty, it’s a necessity. We need our electronics to let us know the location when lost and to lock down our data if stolen. The future of tech has arrived with sensor based software applications neatly rolled into our I-Pads, touch screens and smart phones.

New York is ideally positioned to break barriers in social media software development with our access to social diversity, population density and inherent fast-paced way of life driving tech innovation forward.

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