Brain Dead Girl Released From California Hospital

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Jahi McMath will soon be transferred to a new hospital although it’s still unknown where she’ll end up.

When 13-year-old Jahi McMath was admitted to the Children’s Hospital Oakland after tonsil surgery her parents had no idea of the horror that would befall them. Following the surgery McMath fell into a coma and was pronounced brain dead on December 12th due to severe bleeding and cardiac arrest. For the last week her parents were fighting with the hospital to have their daughter transferred before the January 7th deadline of releasing her from life support and it seems their wish was granted.
McMath was released from the hospital on Sunday. Following the move she was sent to the Alameda County coroner, and then placed under the custody of her mother. Now the teenage girl’s family is set to transfer her to a new facility although It’s unknown where she’ll end up. One place which has offered to take her in is the New Beginnings Community Center in Medford
The announcement has outraged many, says Attorney Christopher Dolan.
"We've had people make threats from around the country. It's sad that people act that way," Dolan told CNN. "So for Jahi's safety and those around her, we will not be saying where she went or where she is."
While McMath’s family is hoping for a miracle, the Children’s Hospital Oakland says the damage she sustained cannot be undone.
"No amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back," Children's Hospital Oakland spokesman Sam Singer said last month. "The medical situation here in this case is that Jahi McMath died several weeks ago."
Last week Omari Sealey, McMath’s uncle, said Jahi moves when her mother speaks and touches her. While this is seen as a sign of hope for her family, Singer says it’s common for the muscles of brain dead patients to move. The Almeda County coroner has since written up a death certificate stating the girl died on December 12th, although the state’s health department has not yet approved it. 
[Source: CNN]
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Video Courtesy of CNN Official Youtube Page
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