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Released On: Oct 04, 2013

  • Genre: SciFi/FantasySuspense/Thriller
  • Director:Alfonso Cuarón
  • Cast:George Clooney,Sandra Bullock
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    Ray Oct. 23rd, 2013 9:56 a.m.

    Good science fiction adventure movie. Special effects are quite stunning but conceptually flawed in some scenes. The physics in space is such that when any physical body travels or moves in space with another item, they go at the same rate. When one of the leads try and catch on to a satellite handle as it moves through space, as soon he/she grabs it, he/she would move and travel through space at the same speed. Well, in theis movie, one catches a handle, then losed grip and floats away as if dragged by wind or "gravity" no pun intended. Nevertheless, quite entertaining in spite of the fact that it's pretty short.

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