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Long Island MacArthur Airport depatures

WN 3093 Flight Status

(WN) Southwest Airlines 3093

(ISP) Ronkonkoma, US to (BWI) Baltimore, US




Arrival Runway Delay Time0:05:00
Flight Durations
Scheduled Block Time1:10:00
Scheduled Air Time0:52:00
Scheduled Taxi Out Time0:05:00
Block Time1:09:00
Taxi Out Time0:07:00
Scheduled Taxi In Time0:13:00
Air Time0:58:00
Taxi In Time0:04:00
Operational Times
Flight Plan Planned Departure02/09/2014 02:30 PM
Estimated Runway Departure02/09/2014 02:30 PM
Estimated Gate Departure02/09/2014 02:22 PM
Published Departure02/09/2014 02:25 PM
Published Arrival02/09/2014 03:35 PM
Scheduled Gate Departure02/09/2014 02:25 PM
Estimated Runway Arrival02/09/2014 03:28 PM
Actual Gate Departure02/09/2014 02:22 PM
Estimated Gate Arrival02/09/2014 03:31 PM
Flight Plan Planned Arrival02/09/2014 03:22 PM
Actual Runway Departure02/09/2014 02:29 PM
Actual Runway Arrival02/09/2014 03:27 PM
Actual Gate Arrival02/09/2014 03:31 PM
Scheduled Gate Arrival02/09/2014 03:35 PM
Flight No Flight ID Depature Reach Dep Terminal Arr Terminal



09-Feb 02:25p.m.

09-Feb 03:35p.m.

None None
Airline Aircraft Duration
Southwest Airlines ?? 1:10:00
Destination Flight Type
Baltimore/Wash International Thurgood Marshall Airport(BWI)

Baltimore, United States

Scheduled Passenger(Normal Service)

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