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Yorkie 911 Rescue

, Deer Park, NY 11729

Phone: 631-965-6418


Debbie Durante
Debbie Durante Feb 12th, 2016 12:32 PM

1 star out of 5:

I am helping my Mom who is looking for a dog preferably under 8-9 lbs. non shedding to love and take of. She is retired, and has plenty of time to devote.

Rosalinda Martinez
Rosalinda Martinez Apr 08th, 2015 08:46 PM

1 star out of 5:

I'm looking for a young female Yorkie who will get along with my two year old male . I have found such great joy with my male Yorkie. Everyone should have one.

Karen Comneck
Karen Comneck Apr 07th, 2015 07:13 PM

1 star out of 5:

I am looking to adopt a teacup Yorkie. I recently lost my beloved "Lipton" after 12 years and I'm heart broken. I will provide a quiet, loving home. As a retired teacher I do a lot of reading and writing and miss the companionship of my sweet loyal companion. Please feel free to contact me at 5168185086 or

Ave Clark
Ave Clark May 09th, 2014 05:32 PM

1 star out of 5:

I liked all the comments....I love yorkies....I have a yorkie named Sunshine...he is a great Pal...I am looking to rescue a yorkie........standard size and mild yorkie is almost 10.....and 8 pounds......let me know...and thanks for caring......Ave

Rosa diaz
Rosa diaz May 07th, 2014 01:07 PM

1 star out of 5:

I am the owner of a almost 2 yr old yorkie, his name is brownie, and would love to adopt a tcup, to keep him company, am a stay home mom, very rare I leave him home alone, for the most part am home, he goes for walks and doggie park, so if I get to adopt one, it will b a great home and environment..

Beth S.
Beth S. Mar 31st, 2014 04:45 PM

1 star out of 5:

We love the adorable yorkie we adopted from Yorkie 911. These people were really great to work with through the adoption process and they're doing a good thing here!

libby callahan
libby callahan Mar 07th, 2014 09:43 AM

1 star out of 5:

i have a 3-4 lb male yorkie i am trying to find a Great Loving Home for please contact me 201-233-6917

Diane Record
Diane Record Jan 04th, 2014 07:08 PM

1 star out of 5:

Am interested in a small non-shedding dog. Really not over 5 years old. Any breed or mix. Good home will be provided. Fenced yard. Two retired people to love a dog F

Martina A.
Martina A. Jan 04th, 2014 05:23 PM

1 star out of 5:

We recently adopted from this rescue. The entire adoption process was very painless and easy, which was a surprise. In the past i have had a lot of hassles going through adoptions for dogs. Here it was simple and and everything was very clear and transparent. Our new dog is absolutely wonderful. I don't know how we ever lived without her. We are so glad to be able to offer her a home!

janiceprince Jan 03rd, 2014 07:54 AM

1 star out of 5:

I would love to adopt a small t cup yorkie I had one his name was kujo he passed I loved that dog.please contact me I would love to give a dog a home forever:-)ii

Dawn T.
Dawn T. Sep 01st, 2013 05:33 PM

1 star out of 5:

I adopted a yorkie from this rescue. So far, everything has gone pretty well. Everything they told me about his health seems to be accurate, and while his history was a bit sparse, I feel like I was given enough information to take care of him. He's a wonderful new friend, and I am so glad I had the chance to give him a forever-home. Thank you to the folks over at Yorkie 911 for rescuing him so I had a chance to meet him and take care of him!

Tom Jul 25th, 2013 01:45 PM

1 star out of 5:

I adopted an adorable terrier from Yorkie 911, and he has been such a sweet addition to our household. He's been with us for about eight months now, and we are soooo glad we made the decision to adopt. We used to go to pet stores, but we found out about the corrupt practices of the pet industry and after that, we decided never again. From now on, we will always adopt when we choose a new pet. Our sweetie will hopefully be with us for a long time to come. He was healthy, and from what we can tell, well cared for after he made it to the shelter. And now he has a home forever. There are more dogs and puppies in need of new homes and families at Yorkie 911. Don't go to a pet store and buy a dog that was bred in factory conditions--adopt a dog in need and say "no" to the pet industry that has causes so many dogs to be unhealthy and without homes and families. You can't rescue them all, but you can rescue one or two--so go adopt like we did! You will be so happy you chose to help!

Lisa Shannon
Lisa Shannon Apr 12th, 2013 05:18 PM

1 star out of 5:

I heard of your rescue thru Barney To The Rescue on Facebook. Wanted to know more about your rescue site. We have had yorkie for 40 years of our 50 year marriage and always interested. I never have had over 5 at a time. I have 4 now but too are very old with issues. 13 and 16. Just wanted to keep an eye out! We live in Tupelo, MS birthplace of Elvis:) 75 miles from Memphis, TN

Jeanne Gordon
Jeanne Gordon Mar 31st, 2013 12:12 PM

1 star out of 5:

I would like to adopt a hypoallergenic dog. I am looking for a young female, very small like a little poodle or maltese or Yorkie. Please inform me when one is available. I live in N.Y. near Goshen. I will make the trip as long as it is not too far. Already have a 7 lb. male Yorkie that I adopted about a year ago.

tony nunziata
tony nunziata Sep 04th, 2012 04:40 PM

1 star out of 5:

i like to foster a yorkie

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