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Holiday Gift Wrapping Made Easy

The holidays are quickly approaching, which it’s time to start wrapping up those presents!

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and with all of that holiday shopping done on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s time to start wrapping up those presents! Gift wrapping can be lots of fun, especially if you throw on some Christmas music standards, sip on hot chocolate and munch on freshly baked cookies while you do it, but for some the task of wrapping up holiday gifts can seem more like an intimidating, pesky chore. This year though, don’t let yourself be intimidated by the task of wrapping up gifts! Wrapping up gifts can be easy and fun!

Check out these hints and tips for getting all of the gifts for your beloved ones wrapped up beautifully and ready to be opened.

Picking Out Your Wrapping Paper
While of course you want to shop for wrapping paper that you find aesthetically pleasing, or one that has to do with the interests of the one you’re wrapping the gift for, but you also need to pay attention to quality. Thicker wrapping paper is sturdier and can come in handy when you’re wrapping up gifts that are strangely sized. There will be less chances of ripping too with sturdier, thicker wrapping paper.

Ask For Boxes
Oftentimes clothing retail stores carry boxes during the holidays, though they may not advertise it. Be sure to ask for them when you purchase presents from clothing retailers. If they do have them then you don’t have to pay for boxes later on and the boxes will make wrapping up the gifts much easier later on. Clothing can be odd to wrap up on its own, very lumpy and unstable, but in a box it becomes much more manageable.

Go Green With Gift Wrapping
For those who’d like to be more environmentally friendly you may want to look into purchasing recycled kraft paper gift wrap. Many places sell it online and although it seems plain it creates a great opportunity to dress up your gift, in a simple yet festive way. After you wrap up your gift with the recycled kraft paper add a special touch! Use twine or ribbon to wrap a piece of pine, pinecone, or other creative natural resource, to accent your present.

Don’t Forget About Price Tags
Even if you swore you took the price tag off right after you bought the item, it never hurts to double check. Before you begin a jolly session of holiday gift wrapping, double check all of the presents for price tags. Be on the lookout for small stickers and hidden tags. Use scissors to remove tags instead of pulling them off. Pulling can cause holes and tears. Instead of removing stickers you can opt to black out the price with a black marker. If you tried removing a sticker, but it left a lot of sticky reside, try using a product like GOO GONE to clean it off.

Time To Wrap
One of the best ways to figure out how to wrap a present is to see it done! While you can still read about how to properly wrap up a present, seeing it done is a much more efficient guide. Plus you can wrap along with the video instructions and start, pause, stop and rewind, whenever you need! Check out the video below!

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