Cuomo Calls for End to LIPA

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Speaking on Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo reiterated his harsh criticisms of LIPA, this time calling for an end to the power authority.

Gov. Cuomo has had harsh criticisms for LIPA since Superstorm Sandy left a historic number of customers without power, in many cases for weeks, and some customers still remain without service.  

Speaking at the Five Towns Community Center in Lawrence on Wednesday, along with Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Center), New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called for a different system to take the place of LIPA.  The governor is awaiting the report on LIPA’s preparation and response to Superstorm Sandy, and has yet to fill any vacant positions on the LIPA board.
Last week Cuomo initiated an investigation of the power authority, with Suffolk’s chief deputy, Regina Calcaterra, serving as the Moreland Commission’s executive director.
Aides to both Executive Bellone and Mangano told Newsday that both executives agree with the governor in ending LIPA.  
Recent internal documents from the power authority show alarming oversights made by the company in the past several years, including forgoing the inspection of old poles and trees near power lines, as well as the use of outdated technology, which ultimately slowed the restoration process.
The Moreland Commission’s full report on LIPA, Con Edison and other utility providers is expected to be completed in the upcoming weeks.  Last week, LIPA’s Chief Operating Officer, Michael Hervey, announced his resignation from the power authority.
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marlene mindel Dec 02nd, 2012 08:50 AM

Get rid of them now. Bring in the army corps of engineers. Stop paying anyone associated with lipa,s management since 06. When they were ordered to upgrade the computer system. They should not receive any further benefits or pension.  Additionally, they should be charged with criminal negligence.  According to many crews, we have band aids and the next storm could bring on a similar failure.

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