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Keeping Your Groom Involved In The Wedding Day!


Brides tend to dominate the wedding planning. Here are some tips on keeping your groom involved and valued!

It's no secret that weddings are for the women. This is the day that brides have been planning since they were little girls, from the season of the big day to the material of the dress. Sometimes it's easy to let your groom's feeling's or desires for your wedding get lost in all the jumble of planning your dream wedding. It's important to remember that this is also the most important day of your groom's life as well and he is going to want some input or some little touches that are going to make this day mean more to him. Here are a couple of touches that your groom will appreciate during the big day, and make him love you even more for it.

Men love football. This seems like something really trivial, but have you ever been to a wedding on a Sunday during football season? If your husband and all of his groomsmen are diehard football fans who sit firmly in front of the TV all day on Sunday, you should really try and throw them a bone during the big day. We have seen on countless comedies where someone sneaks in a portable TV to the wedding where all the men gather to catch the game. In order to prevent this kind of mass exodus to the tiny screen, ask the DJ to give the scores throughout the reception to keep all the guys  and a good portion of the women in the loop. Football is sacred to some, don't make them choose between the big game and the big day. 

Something that your groom will most definitely go nuts over is a groom's cake. These secondary desserts are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Groom's cakes are a cake that the bride designs for the groom with things that mean a lot to him and that he loves. One of the most popular themes is a husband's favorite video games. As I think we've all seen with the release of Grand Theft Auto V, men don't mess around when it comes to their favorite games. Build a cake taking the theme of his favorite games, sports teams, shows, bands, anything that your fiancé is passionate about. This cake shows your husband how much you care about the things that he cares about and he will always be grateful for the gesture. 

Music is also a big concern for the men during the wedding. While the bride might be concerned with flowers and decor, the one thing that the groom will most definitely have an opinion on is the music that they are going to be listening to all day. Believe it or not some men have always known what kind of band they want playing at their wedding or have some special signifiant songs that they want played. Make sure you consult with your fiancé before you start booking a band or DJ, you might be surprised by how much they care. 

Last but not least, you should check with your fiancé to see if there are any family traditions that he would like to incorporate into the wedding. Family is something that is important universally with men and women and you putting in the effort to include his will mean a great deal to him. It could be something as simple as dancing to the same song his parents danced to on their wedding, but rest assured, this will make the day even more special to the groom. He might even have the wedding topper from a family member's cake that he would like to use, just do the simple thing and ask!



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