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We Just Wanna Sing!

Local Experts

Greetings Fellow Karaoke Junkies!

Tomorrow night, Friday, 9/28, There will be a Special Karaoke Event out at Fin's Pub In Oakdale. When ...

Greetings Fellow Karaoke Junkies!

Tomorrow night, Friday, 9/28, There will be a Special Karaoke Event out at Fin's Pub In Oakdale. When you get up to sing, monies will be donated by the KJ,Patty, and be matched by the owners of the bar, to be donated to the victims of 9/11. Please get on out there and sing, sing, sing!
Fin's Pub is formerly Duval Street Pub and will now have karaoke EVERY friday, but this special event is just happening on the 28th of this month.

For the address and further information, Please go to my website listed below (Long Island Karoke) Thank You!

I have noticed a practice going on in other states and I think Long Island Bars should try it out. If you have a neighborhood bar that doesn't have karaoke, why not mention this to them. The way it works is that Karaoke starts earlier, say at 6 PM and goes on till 10 PM and then they have a live band come in for the rest of the night. This works out great for the singers as well as the bar owners.

1.) Your night can start and end early. This is great for weeknight singing when you have to be up early for work the next day! Who wants to be standing in a bar at 1:45 AM, waiting for your turn in the rotation on a Wednesday night?

2.) For the bar owners that are afraid they won't get a crowd for karaoke, (sheesh, are you kidding me??) they get to cover their collective butts by also offering live music at the time when the bands would be starting up anyway! Hey Karaoke folk are a fun crowd, who's to say we won't stick around while the band plays as well?
OK, I've put my 2 cents out there, how about talking to your local Barkeep and see what they think? This could be great!

If you are ready to show the world (or at least LI) what you've got and are looking for places to sing Karaoke, Please go to: (NEW SITE,NEW ADDRESS!)

Long Island Karaoke

There you will find listings of places that offer Karaoke on LI, for each day of the week!

If you are planning a trip down to New Jersey, we have created a karaoke website for NJ as well. Why not stop by for a visit?

Karaoke New Jersey!

The following is an article sent to me. I don't know of anyone who has tried this, so please use at your own discretion:

Spotlight is inviting karaoke singers to appear on Oregon TV program. We are hoping to include singers from YOUR area on our program. Our program is broadcast throughout Ore. via AT&T; Cable systems. You may submit VHS tape of performance (4 songs for vocalists - 56 minutes for bands). FREE & FUN !! Family and friends may say HI to Oregon on your tape. You might also include some of your favorite sites from your area to be broadcast. Please state a little about long singing etc. Please record at least 45 seconds of black (record with lens cap on) at the beginning of your tape. Also record 45 seconds of black at the end of your performance on tape. This allows appropriate editing room. Spotlight is a family oriented program so please keep that in mind when choosing your materials. Please include a dated, signed statement giving Spotlight permission to edit and broadcast performance. If under 18 years of age you MUST also include a dated, signed statement from your parent or legal guardian. If you would like to appear on the program at the CCTV studio in Salem Ore you may also do contacting us for a booking appointment (where you will appear with other guests). Spotlight will also tape at YOUR LOCATION !! Spotlight is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting others through media and entertainment. Contact us for further information 503 315-2486 Mail tapes to 1211 Edgewater NW Suite #3 Salem oregon 97304 or to PO Box 13666 Salem Oregon 97309 BobbiLynn White Producer/Director

If you have any Karaoke questions,

you can reach me at:


Have fun out there and sing one for me! : )

Hey, if you want to check out a fun

Non-Karaoke site, click here:

The Land-O-Links!

(That's one of my sites too!)

Bye now, Sue : )

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