Relish This July and Celebrate National Hot Dog Month

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It seem appropriate for July to be National Hot Dog Month, but you do not have to just enjoy hot dogs on the 4th of ...

Joey Chestnut broke another world record by eating 61 hot dogs at Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island. Additionally to this annual contest, July marks National Hot Dog Month. With BBQs and the 4th of July, this month seems the most appropriate to celebrate hot dogs.

Hot dogs, frankfurters, wieners, or whatever you choose to call them can be enjoyed in many ways. Traditional hot dogs can be enjoyed with ketchup, mustard, and/or relish. Some people enjoy corn dogs, which are hot dogs on a stick surrounded by cornbread. Pigs in a blanket are an enjoyable hor d'oeuvre of a mini hot dog wrapped in dough. Maybe you like your hot dogs chopped up and cooked with beans for franks and beans! There is no wrong way to enjoy a hot dog!

Even with many ways to enjoy hot dogs, everyone makes them differently. So, check out all the different hot dog places to visit on the island!

How do you like your hot dogs? Tell us in the comments below!

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