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Regents, Finals, and Tests! Oh My! Finals Preparation for Students on Long Island

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Everything is building up to this point at the end of the school year: final exams. Whether it is a Regents or a general final ...

Whether young Long Islanders like it or not, finals have begun or are beginning. Regents examinations begin next week, but there is still time to tie up loose ends and study productively.

From being mentally prepared for an exam to being physically prepared could mean a really good grade or a stressful test taking experience. Being prepare can make a student feel confident and ultimately foster better grades.

So, keeping the following tips in mind while preparing for your finals and Regents will be helpful to any young Long Islander stuck taking a final:

  • Pencil vs. Pen: It is important to have a writing utensil. However, be clear about what you need for the exams. Many Regents require the entire exam to be written in blue or black ink. 
  • Calculator: Be sure to have extra batteries as to prevent your calculator from malfunctioning. Some schools will provide a calculator, but be sure to have a back-up.
  • Set an Alarm: For Regents exams, if you are late, you will not receive extra time on the exam. Be sure to show up on time and set your alarm.
  • Cellphones: Leave them at home or leave them in the car. Depending on the school, you might need to hand in your phone before your exam. If you try hiding the phone and it goes off, you might have your final exam or Regents exam score canceled. 
  • Review Sessions: Some libraries and schools offer review sessions for students. Check out's Event Page for final exam and regents review. Additionally, check your local libraries.
  • Don't Cram: This may work for some, but cramming only causes stress and students will lose the information as fast as they were trying to retain it.
  • Go to Bed Early the Night Before an Exam: In addition to setting your alarm, going to bed early will ensure you are rested for your exam.
  • Dress Comfortably: You are taking a final exam or Regents, who cares how you look. You maybe sitting for 2 or 3 hours. Avoid too much make-up and tight clothes.
  • Stay Hydrated and Bring a Snack: Be sure to bring a water to keep yourself hydrated during the exam. If you are able to bring a snack, it might be a good idea to ensure you maintain your composure. 
  • Read Question Carefully: You might already know the directions, but read them again to ensure you are following all guidelines. 
  • Relax - You have been preparing all year for this exam.

Do you have any exam advice? Tell us in the comments below!

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