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Cool Iced Coffee & Iced Tea Cooler Recipes to Chill Out With

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Sit back and relax while you sip on one of these delicious iced coffees and iced teas.

Nothing tastes better in the summertime than a nice, cold beverage. Perfect to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated while lounging in the sun. So before you head out to the nearest coffee joint consider making your own cool treat at home. That way you save money, you can make beverages in bulk, and you never even need to leave the comfort of home.

Whether you’re relaxing poolside or mixing drinks to share with friends on a hot day, try one of these various iced beverage choices on for size. From a cool vanilla iced coffee to a sweet blackberry iced tea, there is a taste and flavor on the list for everyone. These non-alcoholic drinks are family friendly and taste bud approved. Pack some with you to bring to the beach, or even for a cozy picnic for two. Simply mix up at home, serve, and enjoy!

Peachy Green Tea Cooler

Enjoy as refreshing green tea, with peach flavoring.

6 cups of cold water
6 bags of green tea
3 cut and pitted, ripe peaches
1 lemon (for the juice)
6 sprigs of fresh mint (to top off drink)

Directions: Bring your cups of water to a boil. In a saucepan place the sliced peaches and green tea bags there. Now steep for approximately 5 minutes until the flavor is infused. Strain your tea into a serving container and put the peaches in the fridge to chill. Squeeze in the lemon juice and amount of honey you’d like. Place the tea mixture in the fridge once cool. To serve pour into a glass with the peaches you put in the fridge to re-cool and top it off with some mint.

Cold Brewed Maple Almond Iced Coffee

This sweet coffee treat is a great way to wake you up in the morning!

1 pound of light roast coffee beans
water, cold
½ tsp sea alt
2 tbsp maple syrup
Approximately ½ a cup of almond milk, unsweetened

Directions: Coarsely grind coffee beans so they will not fall through the filter. Add coffee grindings to French press and fill with cool water to line. Thoroughly stir until the water and grounds are well mixed. Do not press the press yet! Put the press in the fridge as is overnight. You may press in the morning when you are ready to enjoy. Pour into 2 glasses. Only add salt, syrup, and almond milk right before drinking/serving, using half in each glass. Add ice if you’d like too.

Blackberry Sweet Tea

Craving something sweet to drink with fresh fruit to boot? Well, here you go!

3 cups frozen blackberries, thawed (save extra for garnish)
4 cups water, boiling
2 tea bags, family-size
1 ¼ cups sugar
1 tbsp fresh mint, chopped
½ tsp baking soda
2 ½ cups water, cold

Directions: In a big container mix blackberries and sugar then mush with a wooden spoon. Sprinkle in baking soda and mint, and then stir all together. Take the cups of boiling water and pour over the tea bags, let steep for 5 minutes while covered. Next take the tea and pour it over the original blackberry mixture. Let cool for about an hour. Once the hour is up, use a strainer to clean out any remaining clumps. Add the cold water now and mix until the sugar has dissolved. Feel free to garnish with left over blackberries.

Vanilla Iced Coffee

No need to run out to the local coffee shop for an iced vanilla coffee, try it on your own at home!

4 cups of coffee, brewed
¼ cup water
3 cups of ice, crushed
½ cup cream
1-1½ teaspoons vanilla extract, depending on how much vanilla flavor you like
¼ cup sugar, white

Directions: Put the brewed coffee in the refrigerator for approximately a half hour. Boil your 4 cups of water and add in sugar and vanilla until dissolved. Then refrigerate for a half hour also. This makes 4 servings so in four glasses divide everything evenly then add the cream and refrigerated sugar mixture for taste.

Did you get a chance to try one of the recipes? Tell us what you thought in the comments.

[Source: Food Network, CoffeeandQuinoa, MyRecipes, AllRecipes]

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