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Shotokan Karate

Local Experts

Many various styles both hard and soft can be considered martial arts (combat&self; defense). This article will give a brief definition and history of one ...

Many various styles both hard and soft can be considered martial arts (combat&self; defense). This article will give a brief definition and history of one of Japans great "Karate" arts. Shotokan karate was developed by combining various martial arts. It was founded by Gichin Funakoshi who brought karate to Japan from Okinawa in the late 1800's.The name Shotokan is derieved from Shoto (a name Funakoshi used and kan meaning house. Therefore Shotokan was the house of Funakoshi.

At one time Shotokan was the Worlds leading Martial Art, practiced in every corner of the earth. Shotokan was taught extensivly in Japan during the reign of Emperor Hirohito. The art is very militaristic ands has many samurai tecniques of combat.Training is usually divided into three sections:basics,sparring(kumite) and kata. This is how the art gets passed on . Shotokan is regarded as a "hard " karate art. Straight forward and to the point, no wasted movements. One Strike/One Kill defines a Shotokan Karate Strike.

Shotokan by Funakoshi established a code of conduct to be part of the students character both in and out of dojo training. They art of Budo Code also known as the Twenty Precepts of Japanese Karate . The basis are deep in Zen and Bushido.

In my West Islip Training Center we have one of Long Island's Shotokan Karate Legends. Sensei Don Falco who was trained by his Dad , has been both a Leader and Instructor on Long Island nearly 35 years. Sensei Falco brings a traditional approach not seen anymore to his karate instruction.

For a FREE Class in the art of Shotokan Karate with Sensei Falco . Call us at (866)95-Karate

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