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Enjoy a Golden Summer: Where to take Your Metal Detector to Search for Treasure

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This summer, get a permit to go metal detecting at these state and county parks for a shot at finding old coins, jewelry, artifacts, and ...

Now that the weather has warmed up and it is officially beginning to feel like summer, join the other beachcombers who are reaping the benefits of metal detecting and take your metal detector out to your local beach or park to see what you can find.  The prime time for metal detecting is after any large storm hits the area, and after a large event with many people in one area.  People have found hundred year old coins, jewelry, and historical artifacts by metal detecting around Long Island, and it is time to jump in on the Island-wide treasure hunt.  Here is a guide to state parks and county parks that allow for metal detecting, but be sure to obtain a permit and follow the detecting rules for your area:

The following state parks allow metal detecting, but require a permit, which costs $40:

Sunken Meadow State Park also allows metal detecting with a permit, which is slightly more expensive at $50 per year. To fill out a permit application, click here.

Suffolk county parks allow for metal detecting with a Green Key Card and a permit at the lower price of $20, but it is only allowed on the seaward side of the primary dunes and vegetated areas.  Here are some of the hot spots in Suffolk County:

No permits are required to metal detect at Nassau County parks, but treasure hunters must abide by the hours of operation of the park and clear out when parks close.

When metal detecting on local beaches and parks, make sure you abide by the rules set forth by that area.  At state parks, anyone metal detecting must have the permit on their person so that they can show it to park personnel upon request.  Treasure seekers cannot disturb other park-goers or their activities, and cannot search through landscaped areas or flowerbeds.  Also, the state parks request that any item worth more than $10 must be returned to the owner or given to the State Park Police.

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