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"Coastal Flood Advisory" ...Coastal flood advisory in effect from 10 PM Thursday to 1 am EDT Friday... The National Weather Service in Upton has issued a coastal flood advisory, which is in effect from 10 PM Thursday to 1 am EDT Friday. * Locations...low lying coastal areas along western Long Island Sound. * Tidal departures...around 1 ft above astronomical tides tonight and 1 to 1 1/2 ft Thursday morning and Thursday night. * Timing...minor flooding around the times of high tide Thursday night. Brief and localized minor flooding possible with tonight's and Thursday morning high tide. * Impacts...minor flooding of the most vulnerable Waterfront and shoreline roads...and adjacent properties due to height of storm tide or wave splashover Thursday night. Inundation of 1 to 1 1/2 ft above ground level in the lowest lying spots. A few Road closures likely with a low threat of property damage. Precautionary/preparedness actions... A coastal flood advisory indicates that onshore winds and tides will combine to generate flooding of low areas along the shore. ...Western l.I. Sound water levels for Thursday night... Coastal............time of......forecast total......flood..... Location...........high Tide.....Water level........category.. .................................(mllw/mhhw).................. Kings Point NY......1136 PM..10.5-11.0/2.7-3.2......minor..... Bridgeport CT.......1148 PM...9.6-10.1/2.3-2.8......minor..... New Haven CT........1147 PM....8.8-9.3/2.1-2.6......min-mod... Old Field NY........1150 PM...9.5-10.0/2.2-2.7......minor..... Glen Cove NY........1152 PM..10.4-10.9/2.5-3.0......minor..... -- Wednesday May.24 17,07:24 PM

Swimming Safety Tips for the Beach & Poolside

The warm weather is here and the beach and poolside are calling! Before you take a dip here are a few water safety tips to remember this season.

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Long Island, well-known for its many beaches and waterside views, is a great place to cool off in the summertime. Surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Island Sound no matter where you go you can find plenty of swimming opportunities on Long Island.

Whether you’re heading out to Jones Beach for a day of fun in the sun or playing a game of Marco Polo in the comfort of your own pool, water safety is a serious issue and it’s important to know some good water safety tips before taking the plunge.

Never Swim Alone: Whether you’re a novice swimmer or an expert swimmer it’s important to buddy up near the water. It’s very easy to become tired after swimming or cramp up unexpectedly. With a buddy present you can alert them right away if you’re feeling unwell. They can then help you to safety or call for more help if necessary.

Pay Attention to Depth Markers: Before jumping in the pool make sure to be aware of the depth markers on the pool sides. It’s very easy to accidentally jump into the shallow end of the pool, not realize and hurt yourself. Hitting your head and hurting your neck are common ailments of poor attention to pool depth.

Always Have Proper Supervision: At the beach and at home it’s extremely important to always have proper supervision. Never, ever leave children unattended near water. Make sure they are always in your line of sight, minimize any distractions, and teach them to ask for permission before going anywhere near the water.

Take Swimming Lessons: One of the best ways to ensure a safe swimming experience for yourself, and your children, is to sign up for a swimming class. The American Red Cross offers many swimming and water safety courses. While you’re there sign up for a first aid/CPR class as well!

Abide By Designated Swimming Areas: At the beach you will often see roped off areas and lifeguards frantically waving their hands and blowing their whistle at eager swimmers jumping the barrier. Listen to them! The lifeguards are there to keep you safe, not to ruin your fun, and those areas are roped off for a reason.

Walk, Do Not Run: Be sure to walk on the poolside, do not run. It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of cannonballs and belly flops but it is also very easy to slip and fall by the pool.

Make Sure to Enjoy the Sunshine Safely: Don't forget, the water isn't the only threat out there while you're enjoying the pool and beach. Be sure to practice sun safety, lather up the sunscreen, wear a hat to shade yoursef from the sun, and of course sunglasses to give your eyes a break.

Now get out there and start swimming, safely!

[Source: American Red Cross]