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An Announcement from Weider History Publications and Author Jay Wertz

Press Releases

WAR STORIES: World War II Firsthand: D-DAY - The Campaign Across France, is the latest book from noted history author Jay Wertz.

WAR STORIES: World War II Firsthand: D-DAY - The Campaign Across France, is the latest book from noted history author Jay Wertz.

This is the second volume in the planned 10-volume collection WAR STORIES: World War II Firsthand, which presents a perspective on the military campaigns and actions of World War II anchored on the stories told by the marines, soldiers, sailors, airmen and other front line personnel who experienced the conflict. This volume features heart-wrenching testimony from those who stormed the beaches of Normandy and southern France; those who jumped behind the lines, manned the ships and flew the missions overhead in the great invasion of Europe, unparalleled in history. Contains 11 originally-designed maps in full color with detailed legends. Publication date is February 15, 2012.

Mr. Wertz recently won top honor in THE USA "BEST BOOKS 2011" AWARDS in the History: Military/Political category
for his book: WAR STORIES: World War II Firsthand - THE PACIFIC - Volume One - Pearl Harbor to Guadalcanal.

Tom Brokaw, of NBC News, recently praised THE PACIFIC, as "a stunning and evocative reminder of the personal heroism and epic battles over and on seas, island, and mainland, as told by those who were there. Magnificent."

Mr. Wertz is also the author of three books -- The Native American Experience, The Civil War Experience 1861-1865 (both now in their second edition), and co-author of Smithsonian's Great Battles and Battlefields of the Civil War. His television credits include the award-winning 13-part documentary series Smithsonian's Great Battles of the Civil War.

For info about the Weider History Group, visit To order books, kindly visit

Mr. Wertz is available for speaking engagements, and media interviews. For more information, kindly contact Karen Morris, Sand Castle Communications,

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