Farmers' Market? In the Winter? You Bet!

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A great thing about spring and summer are the farmers' markets that are available to go to locally. Since it is winter, many Long Islanders ...

Looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Well, you do not have to wait for the summer to enjoy them, there are winter farmers' markets to be enjoyed!

There are many benefits to shopping at a farmers' market for both the grower and consumer. You do not have to go far for your produce, meaning two things: lower cost due to no far shipping of produce and fresher food. It has not traveled by plane or truck! The produce might only be from a few miles away. Another benefit is that you are supporting your local business and economy.

At most farmers' markets, you can even purchase fresh bread, pastries, and even cheeses!

So, here are a few upcoming farmers' market that you can check out!

So, give a local farmers' market a try this winter!

What do you like to purchase at a farmers' market? Any others going on on Long Island? Tell us in the comments below!

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